White House Reporters Grill Sarah Sanders: Does Trump Really Believe ‘Democrats Hate Jews’?


ABC News’ Jonathan Karl got the first question to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders at today’s briefing, and he asked directly, “Does the president really believe Democrats hate Jews?”

President Donald Trump publicly and privately ripped the Democrats after the House overwhelmingly passed a resolution to condemn hate, which was criticized for being watered-down from the original purpose of specifically condemning anti-Semitism after Congresswoman Ilhan Omar‘s comments. During a speech to donors Friday night, Trump reportedly went so far as to say, “The Democrats hate Jewish people.”

Sanders slammed the Democrats for the resolution and said it’s “frankly abhorrent” the resolution was watered-down, pointing to the resolution condemning Steve King and how Republicans took action against him.

Karl followed up by asking why Trump himself hasn’t condemned Congressman King.

Minutes later in the briefing, NBC News’ Hallie Jackson went back to this issue and asked, “Yes or no, does the president truly believe that Democrats hate Jews?”

Sanders again bashed the Democrats for the weakened resolution, and when pressed again on whether Trump believes Democrats hate Jews, she said, “That’s a question you really ought to ask the Democrats.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta also asked Sanders about this and whether it contributes to the coarsening political rhetoric. As they went back and forth Acosta said, “Democrats don’t hate Jewish people, that’s just silly.”

He also brought up the president’s infamous “very fine people on both sides” response to Charlottesville.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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