White House Requires TV Anchors to Ask About SCOTUS During Obama Interviews


It seems that if some reporters or TV anchors want to get close enough to President Obama for an interview, they’ve got to agree to certain rules and conditions regarding the subjects discussed.

Cammy Dierking of Cincinnati’s WKRC-TV was one of six local anchors who were invited to a White House press event yesterday, and she arrived to meet the president and his advisers after the conclusion of Josh Earnest‘s daily briefing. Dierking asked Obama about his hopes for his legacy and presidential successor, but the anchor also noted that she was “kind of surprised by the access we [were] granted by the White House.”

Towards the end of the segment though, Dierking might have inadvertently clued in her viewers as to how and why she landed the interview in the first place.

“The only requirement we had was that one of our questions to President Obama had to do with the Supreme Court nominee, his nominee, Merrick Garland.”

Pre-interview negotiations are typically considered off-the-record, but local reporters and anchors who are unaccustomed to White House reporting sometimes stir controversy with such revelations, especially if those arrangements are not explicitly communicated.

This revelation comes as the Obama Administration continues to face criticism for its lack of media transparency, as well as their determination to control the narrative. The Weekly Standard noted how this kind of maneuver happened before when the White House gave a reporter an advance copy of Hillary Clinton‘s emails in exchange for the privilege of spinning the coverage they got that day.

Garland’s nomination as Antonin Scalia‘s replacement has been a thorny interview for Obama, as the Senate has vowed to obstruct any SCOTUS pick until one can be nominated by the next president.

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