White House: We Only Learned About the Secret Service’s Elevator Lapse Yesterday

Here’s how bad the lack of accountability within the Secret Service was: according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, the administration did not know that an armed contractor with a criminal past had been allowed to ride on an elevator with President Obama earlier this month — and only found out when the Washington Post printed the story yesterday.

“The White House first learned of that incident yesterday afternoon, shortly before it was reported publicly,” a flustered Earnest told a reporter. Normally, the White House would expect a “pretty open channel of communication” between the Secret Service and other federal agencies when such incidences occur, Earnest added. “I think this is one of the things that the independent panel will consider,” he added.

Minutes before the press conference, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson handed in her resignation after a series of embarrassing security lapses came to light, many of which had been covered up by the secret Service since 2011.

Watch below via C-SPAN:

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