White House: Yes ‘It Was Appropriate’ For Obama To Fill Out NCAA Bracket

In response to increasing criticism that President Obama should not have spent time appearing on ESPN to make his NCAA college basketball predictions, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney disputed that it was a distraction. Carney said, “yes I do think it was appropriate.”

Carney defended Obama saying, about the position of president, “it’s a hard job, it requires a lot.” Furthermore, Carney said it was a “very brief interview” where Obama was also able to ask Americans to take the time to make donations to charities to help the Japanese.

Although more of a concern than the ten minutes spent being interviewed by ESPN might be the fact that during the interview, Obama reveals his intense interest in college basketball and a detailed knowledge of the teams and even their players that rivals the insight of the ESPN analyst who interviewed him. Some might begin to wonder when was the last time the President came across this passionate about a political issue?

Watch the clip from C-SPAN below:

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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