White (Rabbit) Power? Black Family Suing Disneyland After Costumed Actor ‘Refused To Touch Their Kids’

Black Family Suing Disneyland After Costumed Actor 'Refused To Touch Their Kids'

A California family are suing Disneyland after a costumed actor playing Alice in Wonderland‘s White Rabbit character allegedly refused to touch their kids and acted impatiently because of their black skin color.

Jason and Annelia Black claim the unidentified rabbit actor was rude and distant to their children when approached for a photograph at the famed theme park. But when white families interact with the actor, the Blacks saw the rabbit “shower them” with affection — hugging, kissing, and posing with them.

The family’s son Elijah told CBS News: “This white boy, he started hugging him, kissing the girl and hugging the boy and they were white.”

When the Blacks filed a complaint with Disneyland officials, they were offered VIP tickets as compensation. The family turned it down, in addition to a later offer of $500 and a confidentiality agreement.

Now the family is lawyering up and suing the Anaheim theme park, demanding a public apology and the firing of the unidentified employee.

As CBS reports, Disneyland has yet to publicly comment on the matter.

So was this White Rabbit indeed a racist actor? Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.

Watch the report below, via CBS-LA:

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