White Santa, Black Eyes: Stewart Lampoons Megyn Kelly, Media Focus on ‘Knockout Game’

Jon Stewart caught up on the latest in two big topics in the media of late: the supposed huge trend that is the “knockout game,” and whether or not the fictional character Santa Claus is white or not. Stewart followed up on his mockery of Megyn Kelly‘s comments about a white Santa, this time targeting Kelly’s defense that it was all a joke.

Stewart breathed a sigh of relief that what he thought was a typical Fox News segment hyping the “persecution of real America by minorities, freeloaders, and socialists” was actually a hilarious joke meant in good fun, even though it really, REALLY didn’t sound like one.

Stewart also took on the media hyping the “knockout game” trend, showing how this isn’t the first time the media’s pounced on a supposed trend, and mockingly suggested a way to get people to care more about gun laws: “People shooting other people. It’s called the ‘shooty game.'”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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