Who Should Be On Next Season’s Celebrity Apprentice? A Mediaite Wish List

Yesterday, a few days after crowning late night legend Arsenio Hall as his new Celebrity Apprentice, host Donald Trump took his to his Twitter account to crowdsource for the new season: “Who would you like to see on next season of ‪#CelebrityApprentice‬? Let us know- everyone wants to be on it.”

We here at Mediaite take this challenge seriously — some of us may have not missed an episode since the Rod Blagojevich era — and we’ve looked far and wide for the loudest, smartest, weirdest, and most controversial people to put on the show.

Contrary to popular belief, the appeal of watching Celebrity Apprentice does not lie in watching celebrities that have no business savvy fail spectacularly. On the contrary, it’s always most fun when the teams accomplish formidable goals in prohibitive times, when people are actually competent. Competent and fiery. To that end, here is our slightly unrealistic, smarter-than-the-average-bear wish list of people we’d like to see get an interview to be Trump’s next season of Celebrity Apprentice:

[imageviewer id= 125]

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