Whoopi Goldberg Delivers Monologue About Pornography: ‘There Was an Uptick in Pedophilia’


Whoopi Goldberg led a panel discussion for The View on Thursday where the ladies discussed the cultural impact pornography and sex have caused for American society.

As Goldberg got the conversation rolling, Jedidiah Bila and Sunny Hostin exchanged thoughts about how children could be affected by porn and graphic content now that the Internet has made it so easily accessible. When Goldberg got to speak again, she expressed concern about the ways in which pornography influences how women think about their body image.

“[It] used to be a sign of greatness when you had body hair, it was like you were grown up, and then suddenly it went to you can just have this much and the mainstream said we’ll do what they call the ‘landing strip’ and we went to a place where there was nothing. And there was an uptick where women had no hair on their body and there was an uptick in pedophilia with young girls because that’s what young girls look like so this has been going on for a while. It’s kind spooky.”

The ladies then proceeded to discuss how prevalent sexual content has become, and how it plays into the objectification of women.

Watch above, via ABC.

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