Whoopi Goldberg Tears Into Trump for Tweet on Wildfires: ‘What the Hell, Man?!’


On The View this morning, Whoopi Goldberg went on a tear against President Donald Trump for his initial tweet about the wildfires in California.

A lot of people were stunned by that response from the President, who later did tweet about the firefighters risking their lives and the horrible devastation.

Goldberg said the first tweet “kind of freaked me out”:

“Now, this is a man who doesn’t believe in global warming, so let me put it this way, there hasn’t been any rain for a very long––we’re in a drought in California. That’s why things are dry, see? And if there’s a spark or an ember, they travel and stuff burns. So you see, it’s not that people aren’t doing their jobs. They’re doing their jobs as best they can. And people have died and lost their homes, and you’re blaming them? You’re blaming forest––what, what, what? What?!”

Abby Huntsman said that presidents are generally supposed to comfort and console, but time and again that has not been Trump’s first instinct. Behar said it wouldn’t even feel sincere from him anyway.

Goldberg said even if Trump isn’t sure about what’s going on, “start with ‘this is a horrific thing that’s happening,’ not ‘we’re going to take funding from you.'”

She asked, “What the hell, man?”

At one point, Goldberg looked into the camera and just said, “Stop tweeting! Stop it!”

Watch above, via ABC.

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