Whoopi Goldberg to Trump: ‘Pay Attention to Some Other Things’ and Stop Tweeting About SNL

whoopiThe hosts of The View today tackled President-elect Donald Trump‘s tweeting habits with some exasperation. Trump tweeted over the weekend trashing SNL‘s portrayal of him, following a sketch that portrayed him as too obsessed with tweeting to focus on policy.

Today Trump said that he only tweets because of how dishonest the media is about him, but Goldberg said that Trump maybe shouldn’t watch SNL if he doesn’t like what they’re doing.

All the hosts said that Trump should just have a sense of humor about this, and Goldberg implored Trump to focus on more important things:

“Donald, you need to pay attention to some other things. People have questions about their taxes and how they’re going to go up, how the middle class is getting a 2 percent cut in their taxes yet the people who are really really wealthy are getting a 15 percent cut. That’s something you could be tweeting about. You could be tweeting about the fact that if you’re someone who is a single parent with 2 or 3 kids, your taxes are going up.”

Goldberg concluded, “Stay off Twitter and do your job now.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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