Whoopi Slams Trump’s Muslim Fearmongering: ‘It Can Cost People’s Lives’

Whoopi Goldberg went after Donald Trump on today’s episode of The View, addressing his controversial, factually-debunked claim that there were thousands of American Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey.

After wondering about how Trump has trouble dealing with established facts, Goldberg expressed the obvious concern about how his blaming and finger-pointing at Muslims was the “same crap” that Germans did when profiling Jews and other groups during WWII.

“People were not doing this,” Goldberg said, adding “facts are important in the United States.”

Joy Behar and Raven Symone also noted how Trump’s untruthful statements can perpetuate a cycle of hatred and bad information, while Paula Faris supposed his claim was part of an appeal effort towards hard-right voters. When Goldberg re-entered the discussion, she argued that because of the common practice for Muslim women to wear hijabs, Trump made them especially vulnerable to anti-Islamic discrimination.

“The easiest Muslims to spot are women, so when you’re doing this, Donald, you’re putting a lot of people in danger,” Goldberg said. “Think before you talk. Just get a fact.”

Finally, Goldberg wondered when Americans stopped caring about facts, seeing as people used to dislike such statements being made without any factual support.

“Nobody should be doing it,” said Goldberg. “Left, right, nobody should be pretending stuff that you can’t back up because it’s costly to people. It can cost people’s lives.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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