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Whoopi Talks O’Reilly With Greta: “If I Had Stayed, I Probably Would Have Been Fired”

Are you sick of reading about that Bill O’Reilly-inspired View walkout yet? Too bad! Tonight, Whoopi Goldberg appeared on On the Record With Greta Van Susteren to tell her side of the story. (This wasn’t the first time Goldberg opened up about the incident; she also discussed the walkout yesterday, on her own show).

In typical Greta fashion, Van Susteren didn’t shy away from asking Goldberg tough questions. Here’s her opener: “What’s the matter, you can’t take on Bill O’Reilly?”

Goldberg, to her credit, didn’t take offense to the question. “You know what? I don’t want to have to take on Bill O’Reilly,” she answered. “I don’t want to have to fight with anybody.” She went on to explain again that what she took issue with was O’Reilly stating that “Muslims killed us on 9/11”:

If he had said, you know, “All Irish people are drunks” or “All black people love fried chicken”—it’s the same thing to me. And in this volatile time, you cannot say “The Muslims killed us” because people only hear what they want to hear.

And even though, as Van Susteren points out, Goldberg has discussed the importance of respecting other people’s opinions before, she walked off her set because she realized she had lost the capacity to discuss what he said reasonably:

If something offends you to the point where you can’t have a civil conversation with them, get out of the way. See I know myself well enough to know that I was past the point of no return and had I stayed there I would be—probably [would have] been—fired.

Both Van Susteren and Goldberg agreed that the incident made for great TV. “It was good drama. We played it,” Greta noted. “I think we might’ve even played it twice.”

“I mean, you know he played it on, like, a loop,” replied Goldberg with a laugh. “So you know, it’s what he wanted, he got what he wanted, and I don’t feel bad about doing it.”

So, folks, there you have it: Whoopi’s not sorry. Bill’s certainly not sorry. And everyone is being careful to milk this story for all it’s worth. Let’s all give it up for the 24-hour news cycle!

Video is below.

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