Whoops! Greta Van Susteren And A Bunch Of Reporters Just Got Sprayed By The Supreme Court Sprinkler System

As you can imagine, it’s a mad house around the Supreme Court this morning. The area around the building is littered with protesters and reporters. However, it appears that a few of the reporters chose a bad spot to set up shop. As Greta Van Susteren just announced on Fox News, she and a bunch of her fellow media types just got a rude awakening when the sprinkler system turned on.

For the past few minutes, Van Susteren has been desperately trying to get the attention of anchor Bill Hemmer. Finally, after Megyn Kelly and Andrew Napolitano were done their analyses, Hemmer threw to Van Susteren for what he believed was breaking news. Instead, and much to all of our enjoyment, he got a still-laughing Greta sharing her sprinkler story, a little “color” for the day.

It’s nice to have some levity this morning. After all, this was one of the biggest political contests of our time. Who knew it was also a wet t-shirt contest.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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