Why Did Chuck Todd Sit Silently As Andrea Mitchell Claims MSNBC Won’t Air Obama ‘Redistribution’ Tape?

Chuck Todd Sits Silently As Mitchell Claims MSNBC Won't Air 'Redistribution' Tape

As we pointed out earlier, despite MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell claim that her network and NBC News will not air the 1998 audio of then-State Senator Barack Obama saying he favors redistribution, MSNBC did air the tape.

Mitchell’s colleague Chuck Todd aired the tape at around 9:04 a.m. during his Daily Rundown program on MSNBC.

So why then did Todd sit silently at the same desk as Mitchell as she boldly claimed the networks will not air the video without independent verification. How could he not mention that he had aired the audio four hours earlier?

As NBC News’ political director, one would think Todd would care to correct the record for Mitchell, especially since her claims of an MSNBC no-audio-without-authentication policy would make him look particularly silly for having aired it earlier in the day.

One likely explanation is that NBC/MSNBC brass might have made the call to not run the tape without verification only after or perhaps during the Todd airing.

Below is the video of Todd airing the “redistribution” audio at 9:04 a.m., via MSNBC:

And the video of Mitchell claiming the network will not air the tape as Todd sits silently at 1:06 p.m., via MSNBC:

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