Why Does Fox News Censor Body Scanner Images While MSNBC Doesn’t Blur Them?


Thanksgiving is for eating meals prepared by your loved ones and, since we hope you at least like like us here at Mediaite, here’s a little food for thought. Yesterday evening, I was watching Hardball where Chris Matthews was again making it clear that he doesn’t have a problem with the TSA body scanners, when I noticed something interesting. On the screen was a one of the scanner images, completely uncensored. It reminded me that, whenever Fox News shows one, there’s a blurry circle almost as large as the image itself. Hmmm, I wonder why the difference…

10 days ago, when John Tyner was given his veritable hero’s welcome on America Live, not only were the images fully blurred out, he mentioned them, using the blurring as proof for how invasive the process is. And it sure seemed invasive. The heavy blurring censored so much of the image that viewers could easily imagine that there’s something offensive in the reproductions of a person’s knees and shoulders. Oh, no! Not only are the TSA agents going to see every last detail of my genitals, they can also see my elbow! That must be bad because Fox News had to blur it!

Meanwhile, on MSNBC, during a segment where the host was gleefully shutting down anyone who’s complaining that these procedures are infringing on travelers’ rights, they blurred nothing but the man’s face (which Fox News actually didn’t!). Why blur when there’s nothing wrong, right?

It may seem needless and obvious to point out that the shows have extensive censoring when they view these scanners as wrong and none when they don’t. However, when people accuse the two networks of just featuring hosts parroting talking points, they sometimes forget these little details that are an important part of getting the narrative across.

Food for thought. What do you think?

Check out the aforementioned clips from Fox News and MSNBC below:

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