Why I Wish HBO’s Leaving Neverland Never Aired


By now, everybody’s heard of Leaving Neverland, HBO’s documentary featuring the life of the late pop star Michael Jackson and his alleged affinity for having sexual relationships with young children. Some of his victims spoke out about his actions for the first time as adults, and now the entire world of MJ music is in complete turmoil.

To show their disgust at MJ’s pedophilia displayed in the documentary, radio stations across the world are now pulling his music. Some media networks are even ridding themselves of his music completely.

Frankly, I’m surprisingly annoyed that this is happening. And I kind of wish Leaving Neverland never aired, because of the reaction it is getting. I mean, I hate pedophiles. And I think they should be shamed and everybody should know about what MJ did. And, of course, his suffering victims should be supported and comforted wholeheartedly…

These new allegations bring new meaning to song titles like “Pretty Young Thing,” “Human Nature,” “Beat it” and the chorus to BAD: “I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m really really bad.”

But didn’t the world pretty much know about this before this documentary came out? MJ dangled his own infant over a hotel balcony as a stunt! Remember that time he slept in an oxygen box so he could feel younger? Or how he used the excuse of a “skin condition” to pursue dozens of surgeries to alter every part of his body completely and leave him almost without a nose? Perhaps you remember the fact that his best friend was a chimp. Furthermore, he was charged for drugging and molesting a 13-year-old boy, and he created an entire Disneyland-style fantasy home where he could host “sleepovers” for elementary-school children. Did people think he was in any way sane? He should have been in jail– or at least a mental asylum–for life; why wasn’t he?

The real answer is that nobody cared that MJ very likely seemed to be a crazy pedophile; they still listened to his music, just like people still watch Lord of the Flies even though William Golding was a pedophile. And now that the MJ documentary came out and there’s this whole scandal about him, all these companies are eager to show everybody that they don’t support pedophiles.

Yay for you. Rejecting pedophilia must have been so difficult!

Humans are complex creatures. An artist can be an awful person and still make great music. And pop music lovers can still appreciate MJ’s music, while still condemning his horrid an inexcusable actions toward children.

It would sound a lot more reasonable to shame and prosecute criminals for their actions while they’re still alive instead of waiting until after their death when they’re gone and the only people left to crucify are their blameless offspring. Furthermore, it sounds kind of backward that in order to punish dead MJ we’re going to all deprive ourselves of his legendary music now.

Did you know that MJ has his own private private-access burial site and tomb out in Southern California honoring him? Why can’t they light it on fire or something? Perhaps they can place a monument on top of it that says “Never Forget Michael Jackson Was a Pedophile.”

But don’t deprive me of my Billie Jean.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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