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Why is Ali Velshi Holding This Steaming Pile of Bacon?

Tuning into MSNBC this morning meant catching the network’s daytime stalwart Ali Velshi brandishing a plate of steaming bacon — and those of you who had the misfortune of missing the segment may be left asking why.

But do not fear, you can watch the clip of Velshi salivating over the mound of cured pork above, which followed a segment on President Donald Trump’s tepid approval ratings.

“There’s something that has a wildly high approval rating, and it is bacon,” Velshi cooed, as an intrepid MSNBC cameraman zoomed in on the plate.

“America’s love for bacon is pushing global pork belly traded on commodity markets to record highs, up 70%,” Velshi continued.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the prices for the part of the pig used to make bacon have skyrocketed 80% this year, as Americans clear out pork aisles for their fix of the smokey meat-stuff.

“The price of bacon itself up more than 20% already this year. We’re going to talk about bacon on the other side of this break,” Velshi concluded, still clutching the plate of bacon as his show went to commercial.

Props to the producer who managed to rustle up the whole stunt.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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