Wikileaker Bradley Manning Friend Accuses Gov’t Of Destroying Evidence On MSNBC, Host Does Not Fact-Check

MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan invited Wikileaker Private First Class Bradley Manning’s personal friend and founder of the “Bradley Manning Support Network,” David House, to discuss the government’s case against the accused leaker of the largest number of sensitive documents in American history. House accused the government of wild misconduct, including lying and hiding or destroying evidence, but Ratigan admitted that they had not bothered to reach out to the government to fact-check House’s claims.

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PFC Manning, who is accused of handing classified military documents over to Wikileaks in what has been dubbed the “biggest exposure of official secrets in American history,” is awaiting trial in Kansas. He is expected to face court martial in September.

In his appearance on MSNBC, House accused the government of destroying relevant evidence in the case – including security cameras and hard drives. House also accused the government of “lying” and “stalling” in the prosecution of Manning.

“We’ve watched the justice system go a little haywire with John Edwards,” said Ratigan. “Do you think that the government is trying to deny access to the impact report so that they’re not forced to be held to account for really overreacting with Bradley Manning in general because of their own shame and humiliation, not because of any matter of national security?”

On Ratigan’s program, House accused the government of hiding or limiting access to information to Manning’s attorneys. House went on to say that the impact report on Manning’s leaks is being withheld because “that information essentially details that no harm came to national security as a result of the Wikileaks releases.”

Ratigan noted that “we haven’t had a chance to call the government” to fact-check any of the serious charges of misconduct that House was leveling against the government.

Every story does not require an official statement from the Pentagon or the Justice Department. But in a case of this magnitude and when allegations this egregious are being levied, does this story not warrant — if not an investigation — at least a call to an opposing source?

Ratigan concluded his segment by offering profuse thanks to House for his appearance and his work. “Thank you for your reporting, really, David. And thank you for sharing your story with us and obviously trusting us to be good custodians and getting the information at least a fair hearing,” Ratigan concluded.

The “Bradley Manning Support Network” certainly seem to have added another to their roster in Dylan Ratigan.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

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