Will Arnett Discusses Losing Emmys With Jimmy Fallon: We’re ‘Just A House ‘O Losers.’

Handsome funny person Will Arnett visited Jimmy Fallon Tuesday to discuss, among other things, how he is rooting for his wife Amy Poehler‘s show to do well at this year’s Emmy Awards. As it turns out, Arnett has quite a bit of experience losing at the Emmys.

I’ve been to the Emmys before, as you know, and I’ve gone and partaken before, just as a visitor. I’ve lost a lot. As you know. It’s a house full of losers. Just a House ‘O Losers. But we take it well.

Now, I know you’ve all had extensive experience with failure, but have you ever wondered what it must be like to be seated beside a losing nominee at an awards show? Talk about awkward. Arnett recalls a time when his wife lost, and he’d pointed at her saying, “Look at this loser.” (Fallon, cracking up at his desk, confirmed the story.)

He also tells a story involving Emmy night, a game of poker, and a wayward bicyclist. It’s all good stuff, and it serves to demonstrate an important lesson: Winning is great, sure, but having a caustic, sarcastic winning attitude is so much more important. *Twinkle.*

Take a look at the clip for yourself, from NBC:

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