Will Cain Takes On Lena Dunham’s ‘First Time’ Ad: ‘I’m Offended As A Woman’

On Friday, Soledad O’Brien‘s Starting Point panel turned its attention to Girls creator Lena Dunham‘s new Obama endorsement, which is apparently causing controversy over its comparison of voting to losing one’s virginity.

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“I don’t get the outrage that has come out of this ad,” said O’Brien, before turning things over to Will Cain.

“I’m not offended because any kind of taste boundaries,” said Cain before joking that “I’m offended as a woman.” Later, he clarified that “I think women should be offended that you’re reducing the act of voting and the ideological issue that you’re debating down to equating it to sex, that you are your body parts in the choice you make.”

He later said he fully endorses Mayor Booker’s “ability to use salty language.” On the topic of the video, Booker shared that he is simply “tired of manufactured outrage.” Mayor, why do you hate freedom? I, for one, am outraged over your lack of outrage for outrage. It’s outrageous.

Watch, via CNN:

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