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Will Smith Slaps Reporter After The Guy Tries To Kiss Him

The world loves Will Smith. Maybe not enough to forgive Men in Black 2, but the world still loves him. They love him so much that he’s been claimed to be one of the only black actor who can open a movie overseas. That’s a lot of love. But sometimes those overseas folk love him too much, like a Ukranian reporter who accidentally brushed his lips against those of the star and got a slap for his effort.

TMZ has video of Smith at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3. While walking the red carpet, a male reporter attempted to give him a European kiss on the cheeks. Unfortunately, he got a little too close to the space in between and Smith pushed him back and gave him a light slap. Smith then walked away, saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.” He then remembered he was surrounded by cameras and brought that million dollar smile right back up.

TMZ is reporting that kissing celebs is apparently that reporter’s “schtick.” That may be the case, but you can’t try that stuff with Big Willie Style. You’re no Kevin James.

Ps. Some of my co-workers really wanted me to headline this post with either “Men in Smack” or “The Pursuit of Slappyness.” Because I respect our readers to much, I refrained.

Watch the video below:

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