Will This Be Keith Olbermann’s Last Segment Ever On MSNBC?

Olbermann last segmentWord broke this afternoon that Keith Olbermann had been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC after violating the network’s provision against its journalists donating to political candidates. That means the following segment, in which Olbermann jokes with politically-charged comedian Lewis Black will be the last segment he tapes for awhile – but when will he tape his next one?

The clip, which runs eight minutes and 44 seconds, focuses mostly on the two men criticizing Sarah Palin (“What I do believe is, she is actually not real,” cracks Black) and her upcoming reality show. They also discuss Obama’s off-handed comments about hosting a “Slurpee Summit” with John Boehner and other Republicans. “Is there a) enough Slurpee in the world to settle our political differences, and [b)] would it be orange?” asks Olbermann.

If precedent is any indication, the video below could be Olbermann’s final segment for MSNBC. In 1997, Olbermann – then a SportsCenter anchor at ESPN – was suspended by the network after he made an unauthorized appearance on The Daily Show. Though he wasn’t fired outright, he did leave ESPN for good later that year. He then joined Fox Sports, only to be fired shortly after following another controversy. Will Olbermann wait out his indefinite suspension, or will he move on, like he has before? Video is below.

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