Wilmore: Fox’s Planned Parenthood ‘Demonization’ Clearly Partially Motivated Shooting

On last night’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore said that if the simplest explanation is the most obvious one, then the Planned Parenthood shooter was clearly partly influenced by anti-abortion rhetoric on Fox News.

After riffing a bit on Brian Kilmeade asking Harris Faulkner if she makes Kool-Aid on Thanksgiving, Wilmore said Fox loves making Kool-Aid of its own with “factless accusations” and “fearmongering.”

He brought up how the shooter said “no more baby parts” before showing a montage of Fox Newsers and some candidates using similar language. So Wilmore asked, “Do I feel comfortable saying that he was at least partially motivated by the right’s demonization of Planned Parenthood?”

Audio then played of the Kool-Aid man saying, “Oh, yeah!”

He showed excuses from candidates like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina for what he deemed pretty outrageous comments after the shooting.

Wilmore concluded that even if the Fox demonization wasn’t directly responsible, it’s a “contributing factor,” and he said the GOP needs to start draining the “crazy juice.”

Watch both parts of the segment above, via Comedy Central.

[h/t Salon]
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