Wilmore Grills #BlackLivesMatter Activists: What’s Your Beef with Progressives?

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Larry Wilmore invited two of the #BlackLivesMatter activists who confronted Hillary Clinton during a private meeting last week to appear on The Nightly Show last night, and his first question for them was, “Why do you think it’s so important to make white people feel uncomfortable?”

“When we’re talking about race in this country, that’s often what happens, people get uncomfortable,” Daunasia Yancey answered.

As he did on his show last week, Wilmore pressed the activists to explain what the movement’s beef is with progressives in general and Bernie Sanders in particular, arguing that the two groups would seem like “natural allies.”

Julius Jones, who repeated his claim that “all lives matter” is a “violent” statement, told Wilmore that sometimes you have to be “honest” with your friends and in the case of the Democratic candidates, they are not doing enough to align themselves with the movement. “Bernie Sanders, for as much as he was walking with MLK, he ain’t walking that walk now,” he said.

Later, Wilmore asked the activists if they have any plans — “and please say yes” — to interrupt Donald Trump on the campaign trail. The answer? “Yes.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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