Wilmore to Jim Webb: What Exactly Does Your ‘Situation of African-Americans’ Mean?


Aside from killing a guy, Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb didn’t really have any other highlights from Tuesday night’s Democratic debate on CNN. That is, except for his response to moderator Anderson Cooper‘s question about #BlackLivesMatter, which Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore addressed on Wednesday night.

“I think Jim got caught in his own web,” said Wilmore, eye-rolling pun and all. Then again, concerning the nature of what Webb said, the play-on-words was only just beginning.

The question was, “Black lives matter or all lives matter?” Unlike the other four candidates onstage, Webb responded: “Every life in this country matters.” And when Cooper pressed the former Virginia senator for more, he touted his “long history of working with the situation of African-Americans.”

What is the “situation of African-Americans”? Obviously, Webb was referring to the ongoing post-Ferguson crisis in the United States. Unfortunately his on-the-spot choice of words didn’t specify this, hence Wilmore’s confusion.

“What does that mean?” asked the late night host. “Is that what you call a group of us? Like a school of fish or a gaggle of geese?”

Laughter aside, Wilmore’s jokes at Webb’s expense led to an inevitable concluding joke that, while funny, probably made a lot of white people (i.e. The Nightly Show‘s audience) squirm in their seats.

“That would explain why every time cops see a group of black people, they go, ‘Lieutenant, we’ve got a situation on our hands.'”

Check out the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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