With ’94 Agreement Broken, Forbes Analyst Says Ukraine Can Develop Nuclear Weapons

Appearing on MSNBC on Friday, Forbes contributor Tetyana Shvachuk told anchor Tamron Hall that the 1994 agreement between Russia and the West which guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial if they surrendered the vast supply of nuclear weapons they retained after the collapse of the Soviet Union has been invalidated. She said, and her fellow panelist agreed, that Ukraine may consider establishing a nuclear weapons program in order to deter future Russian attacks.

Shvachuk said that the 1994 Budapest Memorandum has been essentially invalidated by Russia, and the West does not appear inclined to hold Russia to its diplomatic guarantee. “If, you know, Britain and U.S. does not help Ukraine – doesn’t protect its borders – then Ukraine can go ahead and start nuclear program,” Shvachuk said. “Because then the agreement is off.”

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“It’s also a message that goes around the world,” TIME Magazine’s Bobby Ghosh agreed. “Ukraine is a country that gave up nukes because we promised we would look out for them. We didn’t.”

He added that every nation that has been under the impression that they were protected by the American nuclear umbrella is now considering that they should establish their own program.

Watch the program below via MSNBC:

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