With ‘Burowe’ Over And Done, Erin Burnett Turns To ‘Hot CoCo’

As regular Mediaite readers are aware, we’ve been tirelessly covering the bittersweet saga of CNN’s Erin Burnett and Rob Lowe. You see, the actor had Tweeted that Burnett had been “carrying water” for Barack Obama in a segment she was doing about the President… this after Burnett had conducted an interview where the actor seemed nervous and happy to meet her.

The heart, she is fickle.

At the time, we held onto hope that Burnett and Lowe would be ok, even dubbing them “Burowe.” Burnett mentioned the name during her show Tuesday night, when she revealed that Lowe “broke her heart.” LOWE. UGH. Check it out, courtesy of CNN:

But a new, flame-haired suitor appeared on the horizon after TBS’ Conan O’Brien revealed that he carried a torch for the OutFront anchor. A torch and a collage.

As Burnett pointed out, the weather is cooling down in New York right now… and who wouldn’t want to warm up with some hot CoCo?

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