Witness Recounts Riveting Experience Surviving Navy Yard Shooting


Hasan Pehlivan, an employee at the Navy Yard who was evacuated during Monday’s shooting rampage, spoke to Fox News’ Martha McCallum about the events he witnessed when what he thought was a fire drill turned out to be a gunman.

“The fire alarm went off, and naturally I thought it was a practice,” he said. “Then I saw all my colleagues and bosses gathered together, and they were talking about shooting. They said, ‘Upstairs, they are shooting everyone. This is not a fire alarm.'”

Pehlivan was unable to join his coworkers when the building went on lockdown, and found himself locked out of the room in which they were sheltering.

“I heard a lot of commotion in the stairway, I saw everyone was going out, so I joined them,” he said. “Outside, the police were there, all the guns drawn, they made us run—everybody was running anyway—so we just ran as fast as we could to the construction building.”

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Pehlivan and the others sheltered in place in the construction site for about an hour before police escorted them outside, where they were told to stay until buses arrived to evacuate them.

“The whole M Street was war zone-like,” Pehlivan said. “At this time we heard from the police scanners, shooting, yelling, ‘Police is down, there are three shooters.’ That’s when we really were scared. Three shooters running around is so scary.”

Pehlivan, whose Marine son is getting married on Saturday, said he was unable to look at the list of the deceased this morning. “I don’t want to read anything, I want to forget everything,” he said.

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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