Witness To Colorado Shooting Describes Alleged Gunman James Holmes: ‘This Guy Was Relentless’

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts spoke with Tanner Coon, a young man who was inside the Colorado movie theater where suspected shooter James Holmes opened fire on audience members who had come to watch a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

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Tanner, who recalls sitting in the fourth row from the top, says he didn’t see the shooter enter. The attack began, he shared, with a canister releasing smoke into the theater. Initially, he had thought it was a smoke bomb an audience member had brought along as a prank. Similarly, he had thought the initial gunshots were fireworks. Once he realized what was happening, Tanner and his friends hit the floor, trying to remain hidden as dozens of gunshots rang out above them. He described the shooting as being “sporadic” and “horrific.”

Later, as he ran out of the theater, he remembers slipping in blood and falling atop a woman’s body. He tried to shake her and urge her to run, he says, but she did not respond. He and his friends, the youngest of whom was 12, were able to exit extremely shaken, but uninjured.

Tanner describes the theater as being very large, adding that it was packed in anticipation for the movie’s premiere.

“This guy was relentless,” he said of the shooter.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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