‘Woah!’: Fox News Guest Shocks Anchor By Calling Kamala Harris a ‘Religious Bigot’


GOPAC chairman and Fox News regular David Avella drew gasps on Friday when he accused Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) of being bigoted against the religious.

Avella was on America’s Newsroom for a panel discussion about the expanding pool of Democrats who plan on challenging Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Indications suggest Harris is highly-likely to enter the race, and as Avella talked about the “craziness” over the huge pool of candidates, he said “even for the Democrats, it’s hard to see them nominate a very clear religious bigot in Kamala Harris.”

“Whoa! Why do you say that?” Sandra Smith asked.

Avella said he was basing that statement on Harris’ written questions to Brian Buescher after President Donald Trump recently nominated him to the District Court in Nebraska. Several of Harris’ questions asked Buescher about his membership with the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal charity organization known to hold conservative sociopolitical positions on a variety of issues.

Conservatives accused Harris and other senators of anti-Catholic “bigotry” back then when they asked Buescher for his thoughts on the Knights’ opposition to women’s reproductive rights and same-sex marriage.

Avella renewed that charge against Harris by invoking all of this and saying “she opposed [him] because of his Catholic views being part of the Knights of Columbus. If being a part of the Knights of Columbus disqualifies you from serving in an administration, we have reached a new era in America.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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