Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Trump’s ‘Very Dangerous’ Tweet Baselessly Linking 75-Year-Old Police Violence Victim to Antifa: ‘Is the President Tone Deaf?’


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer pulled no punches in calling out President Donald Trump for tweeting out a “very dangerous” baseless conspiracy pushed by the pro-Trump network OAN which claimed a 75-year-old victim of police violence was somehow linked to violent Antifa rioters.

The president’s propagation of the viciously false claim ignited widespread disgust and outrage on Tuesday and sent Republican Senators scuttling away from reporters asking them to comment on it.

Hosting political analyst Gloria Borger and legal analyst Laura Coates on his 6:00 p.m. edition of Situation Room, Blitzer discussed the latest self-manufactured public image crisis of this president. He began by noting that the White House is pondering a major speech to address the nationwide unrest following the George Lloyd protests over racial injustice and police misconduct.

“I spoke with a former White House official today who said to me this: ‘Think about it. Terrible bitter division inside the Hhite House over a unity speech, a farce,'” Borger explained, highlighting the irony. “I think what this source was saying to me is that they can’t decide inside the White House and I think there’s a balance that there’s disagreement over whether it can be struck which is, how do you appeal for unity and how do you talk about race at the same time that you are appealing to your base on lawand order and tweeting the outrageous tweets that you were tweeting as the President of the United States and I think there’s some concern that this is a president who just isn’t up to it. I think that’s what’s going on in there right now. That’s why it’s been quiet today about it. He may decide by the end of the week that he’s going to do it but it isn’t going to be an easy speech for him to give.”

“As George Floyd is remembered today with a final service, the president was tweeting a wild conspiracy theory, with no evidence, about that 75-year-old man who was hospitalized after he was pushed by police in Buffalo, New York,” Blitzer pointed out. “The president writing in part, ‘Buffalo protester shoved by police could be an antifa provocateur. I watched. He fell harder than was pushed. Could be a set up.’ No evidence to any of that. Is the president tone deaf because it’s potentially very dangerous what he is suggesting out there?”

“It is. It’s very ironic this president would refer to this individual as a provocateur with that quite provocative and, according to many sources, absolutely false statement that was made and accusation,” Coates noted. “You’re talking about an attempt at distraction and an attempt, I think, to wrestle with the issues that Gloria is talking about. Because you have a president who is now confronted with lawsuits from the ACLU, from protesters naming him and [Attorney General] Bill Barr in an official capacity to what they did to peaceful protesters, using tear gas and in some ways by force to try to make a photo op.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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