Wolf Blitzer Confronts RNC Spox Over Trump’s ‘Pretty Bad’ Unfavorable Numbers

blitzer spicerRNC chief strategist and communications director Sean Spicer appeared with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier today to downplay potential problems down the road for the GOP given their frontrunner.

Blitzer brought up a bleak new poll out this week showing that Donald Trump has massive unfavorables––67 percent overall, 68 percent with white women, 74 percent with white college grads, 80 percent with young people, 85 percent with Hispanics, and 80 percent with African-Americans.

Spicer dismissed that by saying elections are won state-by-state and Hillary Clinton‘s numbers aren’t something to write home about either.

Blitzer pointed out that Trump’s are still “pretty bad.”

Spicer insisted he’s confident that the RNC has done enough great work with minority groups and building winning coalitions in key states for when the general election comes around.

Watch above, via CNN.

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