Wolf Blitzer Excitedly Exclaims ‘OMG’ Over Rick Santorum’s Colorado Comeback

As the Colorado election results stretched on through the night and Rick Santorum‘s surprising vote count began to roll in, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer became downright giddy. Anderson Cooper observed that The Situation Room host said ‘OMG’ during the break.

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“I’ll repeat it — Oh em gee!” Blitzer exclaimed. “Look at this — Right now, 64% of the precincts are in. Rick Santorum is 75 votes ahead of Mitt Romney in Colorado. 12,564 to 12,489. 75 votes! Let’s walk over to John King. Let’s get a little better assessment. I said it last time, I said it was Iowa. Remember what happened in Iowa?! That was worthy of an OMG. Right now in Colorado we have an OMG going on!”

John King grinned amusedly at Blitzer’s tween slang.

“I’m trying to figure out how to top that,” King joked. “There’s no LOL at Mitt Romney headquarters.”

Watch Blitzer’s OMG moment below via CNN:

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