Wolf Blitzer: Obama ‘Surprised Me,’ Used ‘Very, Very Forceful’ Words In Inaugural Speech

In CNN’s coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, Wolf Blitzer told fellow host Anderson Cooper that President Obama went “way beyond” what he thought he would in terms of “laying out” the next term’s agenda. Blitzer said he went into “considerable detail” on several political issues, including his “very personal feelings” about climate change and gay marriage.

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“I was surprised to hear him get into some of those political details,” Blitzer said.

Obama was “very, very forceful” in his words, Blitzer said, and it was “clear he thought long and hard about each sentence he was going to make, because each one had a potentially very powerful political impact in setting the agenda for his second term.”

“So the president of the United States surprised me,” he added, “but he went forward and went into such specific details on these important issues.”

Watch below, via CNN:

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