Wolf Blitzer Presses Democratic Rep. Who Met With Assad: ‘Who Do You Blame for Those Deaths?’


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard––who met with Bashar al-Assad back in January––about the U.S. strikes in Syria last night.

Gabbard tweeted earlier this week that the chemical attack must be condemned, but she said that “whoever is found responsible… must be held accountable” instead of directly calling out the Assad regime. Today she slammed the airstrikes in another Twitter thread:

Blitzer asked Gabbard who she believes was responsible for the chemical attack. Gabbard responded, “What I believe, what you believe, or others believe is irrelevant. What matters here is the evidence and the facts.”

Gabbard repeatedly argued that she’s standing against the “counter-productive regime-change war,” invoking the run-up to the Iraq war to explain why she is approaching the situation with great skepticism. She told Blitzer that members of Congress and the American people deserve to see proof of what the U.S. government is saying.

Blitzer asked her again who she blames for the deaths in the chemical attack and whether Assad bears a lot of the responsibility for those deaths. Gabbard said she’s more focused on peace and finding solutions than “finger-pointing.”

At one point, when Blitzer asked her if she conveyed a message to Assad from Trump during their meeting, Gabbard dismissed reports suggesting such as “fake news.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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