Wolf Blitzer Tells Anderson Cooper Why ‘He Didn’t Back Down’ To Newt Gingrich

During a post-debate breakdown, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with Anderson Cooper about his pointed questions to Newt Gingrich and why he decided to press the former Speaker of the House on Mitt Romney‘s bank accounts.

“A really interesting exchange,” Cooper observed. “It contributes to the idea that a lot of people felt Newt Gingrich was flat tonight.”

“You know, he was the one who raised the issue of the Cayman Islands, the Swiss bank account,” Blitzer noted. “He made a serious allegation against Romney. I thought it would be a great opportunity to clarify, explain what he meant about it. He didn’t want to talk about it — when I finally pressed him, he responded.”

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“There have been a number of allegations on the campaign trail that showed up…” Cooper continued. “There was a campaign commercial that Mitt Romney is running in which he said that Newt Gingrich said spanish is the language of the ghetto. He didn’t say that word for word. He implied it several years ago. What did you think of that exchange?”

“On so many exchanges, Mitt Romney was taking it to Newt, but that one was confusion,” Blitzer explained. “Most viewers, unless they’re fact checkers, they got lost on that one.”

Watch the segment below via CNN:

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