Wolf Blitzer To GOP Rep. Issa: People ‘Are Going To Hate You’ If You Reject Fiscal Cliff Deal

Republican Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) joined Wolf Blitzer on CNN Tuesday afternoon to discuss the possibility that House GOP members would reject the Senate-passed fiscal cliff deal. “You know, a lot of your constituents are going to hate you,” Blitzer quipped. “They are going to hate your fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives if you don’t allow new legislation to go forward.”

Issa responded that his only “voting card” was to vote his “conscience” and vote in the “best interest” of his constituency. “Not for one day, for the rest of their lives,” he said. “The only way I can do my job is to use my best judgment to make sure we’re not passing on debts that we can’t pay in the future.”

Blitzer asked Issa if the 89 Senators that voted for the bill at 2AM Tuesday were wrong. Issa jokingly retorted, “You know, Wolf, I can’t account for what happens after midnight and all of that partying and revelry and drinking that goes on.”

Perhaps having missed the humor in Issa’s statement, Blitzer asked, “Are you suggesting that Mitch McConnell and your fellow Republicans in the Senate – they were a little bit drunk when they voted on this last night?”

“Of course not,” Issa answered. “I was having a bit of fun with you, Wolf.”

Watch the clip, followed by Wolf’s follow-up question, below, via CNN:

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