Woman and Baby in Wilmington NC Confirmed as First Hurricane Florence Fatalities


A mother and child in Wilmington, NC have been confirmed as the first fatalities reported to Hurricane Florence.

CNN was on the scene reporting on the hours-long extraction effort to try to remove the mother and child after a massive tree fell on their house when the news broke that they did not survive.

Brooke Baldwin broke into the report.

“Let me cut in. I want you to listen. This is the information we just have gotten. I don’t know if you have this. My executive producer just got in my ear and said the mother and baby in that home have been killed. So we have two storm-related fatalities there in Wilmington, North Carolina,” she said.

She then asked, “Do you know, was there anyone else in the home?”

The CNN reporter Brian Todd then pointed out it appeared they were bringing out the mother and child just them.

“They’re going to bring those two out then at this time, looks like actually, you can see it is a bit of an obstructed view,” Todd said, continuing to report. “We saw a stretcher being carried to the ambulance. Confirming then as you just did that the lady and child in there were deceased. We had gotten unconfirmed reports of that, we couldn’t confirm it, now we can. The first known fatalities of the storm.”

A third person, identified as the father, was taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown.

The woman and child’s death was confirmed by the Wilmington Police.

Watch above, via CNN

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