Woman at Trump Rally Asks Bizarre Question About Whether Refugees Will ‘Remain Celibate’

trump2A woman at Donald Trump‘s Raleigh rally tonight asked a truly bizarre question about whether the refugees that come to the United States will “remain celibate.”

Trump has been on record opposing bringing refugees into the United States (except for back in September when he said, “On a humanitarian basis of what’s happening, you have to”), and he thinks a better alternative would be “a big beautiful safe zone” in Syria.

But with refugees still coming into the U.S. because of the Obama administration’s humanitarian push, a woman at Trump’s rally tonight asked, “Do you think the refugees… trying to come here––that are going to Germany and all over Europe––do you think they’re gonna become priests and become celibate? If not, what is going to happen to the women in the world that––the countries they’re going to?”

Trump turned, mouthed “what?!”, and asked the woman to repeat her “pretty wild question.”

And so, she asked again, “Do you think the refugees, those young, strong, refugees that are trying to get into America, are going to remain celibate? Who are they going to hook up with?”

Trump did not bother dignifying that with an answer.

Watch above, via News 14 Triangle.

[image via screengrab]

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