Woman Tells MSNBC Audience She Believed in Trump ‘Just Like I Believed in Barack Obama When I Voted For Him’


During an MSNBC town hall event, a woman named Renee Elliott said that she believed in then-candidate Donald Trump when she voted for him “just like I believed in Barack Obama when I voted for him.”

Elliott, who lost her job at a Carrier plant in Indiana despite Trump’s promise to save jobs there, was part of a panel of voters who joined Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren onstage during a town hall hosted by All In host Chris Hayes.

Elliott was joined by Susan Cropper (another Trump voter who lost her job), Frank Staples (another Carrier employee who wrote in Bernie Sanders), and Dora Boyd, who voted for Hillary Clinton.

At one point during the town hall, after Warren explain why she’s a good “fighter,” Elliott chimed in that the issue is whether candidates “honor their promises, do they honor their policies that they’re going to put in place?”

Boyd, the Hillary voter who wasn’t given much of an opportunity to speak, addressed Elliott’s skepticism by asking “So at this point, with you and your issues with Trump, and you believe in him and he’s backing you or whatever, how is your vote swaying right now, are you an easy, do you know, are you going to back her because she’s saying this?”

“Oh trust me, when it came to him, we won’t get into him,” Elliott said, referring to Trump. “Because you know, he’s the first Republican I ever voted for, and I got a lot of people to vote for him, I believed in him.”

“And that was just for your job security’s sake?”

“It wasn’t just for the job security, I believed he was going to make a change, period,” Elliott said, adding “Just like I believed in Barack Obama when I voted for him. Because I believed we needed change.”

“Now I think it’s time for another change,” Elliott continued. “I think it’s time to put a woman in the White House, I think it’s time to listen to what we say, because we are out there working just as hard as men are.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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