Woman Who Confronted Scott Pruitt Rips EPA Chief on MSNBC: ‘Don’t Know How He Can Sleep at Night’


The woman who recently confronted Scott Pruitt at a D.C. restaurant has no regrets about her stern message to the EPA Administrator.

MSNBC held an interview on Tuesday with Kristin Mink, the schoolteacher who approached Pruitt while he was eating lunch, and urged him to resign before his various ethics controversies force him out of office. When Ali Velshi asked Mink what motivated her to speak out, she called Pruitt “disgusting” and “corrupt” while defending her right to challenge him over his negative environmental policies.

Velshi noted that Mink struck a civil tone during the encounter. Nonetheless, he asked the schoolteacher if she has any concerns about being woven into the Trump-world narrative about White House officials being harassed in public. Mink said she anticipated the spin, but defended herself by saying Pruitt’s improper spending and ethical violations are too big to go unchallenged.

“What it comes down to is these are people and it is their job to work for us. If they’re doing their jobs well, they should want to hear from the public, and I was there to talk to Scott. It was a completely civil conversation – turned out to be a bit of a one-way conversation, but that was his call – they should want to know what is important to us, and this is important.”

Mink went on to say that she hopes the encounter inspires others to remain cordial, but demand answers from public officials and hold Pruitt accountable.

“I honestly don’t know how he can sleep at night knowing what he is doing to our future and for our environment,” Mink said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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