Woodward Reveals to Morning Joe His Biggest Takeaway From Trump Reporting

Bob Woodward continues to promote his new book Fear, which portrays the “harrowing” management style of a petulant and impulsive President Donald Trump, this time on Morning Joe.  Reporting from this book has been fodder for cable news programming for well over a week, so host Joe Scarborough asked the Pulitzer Prize-winning author for his “biggest takeaway” or a “look at this entire project from 30,000 feet.”

“There’s a war on truth,” Woodward’s answered, echoing what we’ve heard before. But given Woodward’s stature as having written critical tomes for both Democratic and Republican administrations, certainly has more weight than the daily musings of cable news morning show hosts. “People closest to him do not trust him,” he added, “And the impulse-driven presidency is something that the more people know, the more they realize we’re at risk.”

Woodward summed up that his book was not about allegations surrounding the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian election interference, but rather on Trump’s standing within his staff:

But the focus was not so much on the Mueller investigation. The question really is how does trump perform as president. And in the foreign policy areas, the handling of North Korea, Afghanistan, the Middle East, all of the immigration issues, all of the trade issues, I was able to excavate and find out actually what happened. And, again, this is the pattern he won’t face what’s real.

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.


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