Woody Harrelson Denounces Kochs in Dramatic Midterms Climate Ad

Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democrat behind the NextGen Climate PAC, has enlisted director Darren Aronofsky and actor Woody Harrelson in his battle against the Koch brothers and the industry interests they represent.

In this new ad, released one week before the midterm elections, Harrelson’s voiceover compares modern-day climate deniers to those who believed the world is flat and cigarettes are harmless. “Some powerful people want to hold us back,” he says, as an image of David Koch appears on the screen. “But the truth is undeniable. This is a fight we will win.”

Steyer’s ad does not promote any specific candidate or proposition, but rather urges people concerned about environmental issues to vote on November 4.

As of October 20, NextGen Climate’s communications director Heather Wong told the Washington Post that the group had spent “just over $50 million” in both state level and congressional races. Back in June, the paper estimated that the Koch brothers could spend between $250 and $290 million on this year’s midterms.

Watch video below, via NextGen Climate:

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