Woody Harrelson, Rob Reiner and The View Pile On ‘Sociopath’ Trump: ‘He Has No Empathy!’


Rob Reiner appeared on The View today with Woody Harrelson, bringing with him from Twitter some of his harshest words for President Donald Trump.

When the subject of former President Lyndon B. Johnson came up, Reiner and the hosts contrasted the two presidents. When prompted by Sunny Hostin, Reiner exclaimed that unlike LBJ, “Trump doesn’t want to learn.”

He continued expanding upon this front:

LBJ had the real understanding of the intersection between politics, policy, and government, and knowing how all that worked. This president not only does not know how it works, he doesn’t have any interest in finding out…and that’s the sad thing.

To win the challenge of folksy-friendly LBJ/Trump comparisons, Woody acknowledged that while LBJ was “flawed,” he wasn’t “cracked” like Trump.
Joy Behar came in a close second, quipping that instead of the Clean Water Act, Trump likes the “Dirty Water Act.”

From there, the topic shifted to Trump’s recent comments about calling the families of fallen service members and the ongoing spat with Rep. Frederica Wilson and the family of the deceased Sgt. La David T. Johnson . Reaching peak levels of outrage, Reiner had the following to say:

He has no empathy. I hate to say it, but he’s a sociopath. He has no feeling for other people… and it’s one of thousands of things like that! When you talked about the Khan family, or Meghan McCain who you had out here—[with Trump] saying [John McCain] he’s not a real hero because he got captured. I mean, it’s one thing after the next!

Watch this clip above courtesy of ABC and The View.

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