‘Words Matter’: Cuomo Confronts Joe Walsh for Prompting Trump Supporters to Grab Their Muskets


CNN’s Chris Cuomo grilled Joe Walsh on Friday over an unsettling message he put out about what Donald Trump supporters should do if the mogul loses the election.

On Wednesday, the Republican former congressman raised a lot of eyebrows thanks to this tweet:

When asked about that on New Day, Walsh said he wasn’t being serious because if he were, he’d be recommending something stronger than antique weapons like muskets. He went on to say that what he really meant is that Americans are going to have to “do whatever we can to defend our freedom,” if Hillary Clinton wins the election “fair and square.”

Cuomo stayed on this topic, reminding Walsh that the election has caused many people to make extremely-loaded, provocative statements where it’s hard to determine what should be taken literally. “Words matter, context matters,” said Cuomo.

“Look, when I say, ‘grab your musket, man, and let’s go to war if Hillary wins,’ the Republican Party’s going to be in our sights,” Walsh responded. “Because all these people who are pissed off again at what we believe, Chris, is a corrupt political system.”

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