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World Health Organization To Announce Cambodian Mystery Illness Solved

Yesterday, Mediaite spoke with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the mysterious illness that has cost the lives of over 50 Cambodian children. Gupta told us that doctors and World Health Organization officials thought the culprit to be a combination of enterovirus 71 and some other unknown illness or component.

Now, today, the WHO is announcing that it has discovered just what that “mystery” is.

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From CNN:

The pathogens include enterovirus 71, streptococcus suis and dengue, the medical sources said. Additionally, the inappropriate use of steroids, which can suppress the immune system, worsened the illness in a majority of the patients, they said.

The sources did not want to be identified because the results of the health organization’s investigation have not yet been made public.

Dr. Beat Richner, head of Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals – which cared for 66 patients affected by the illness, 64 of whom died – said that no new cases had been confirmed since last Saturday.

That’s good news for medical professionals who will now be able to administer the right medicine to these children. As Gupta mentioned to us yesterday, bad, diluted, or inappropriate medication was thought to be a contributing factor to the illness.

Have a look at Dr. Gupta’s report, via CNN:

h/t CNN Press Room

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