Oops! Fox & Friends Accidentally Identifies Elie Wiesel As “Holocaust Winner”

Wow. We all make mistakes and typos. There will probably be at least one in this post alone. However, some typos are worse than others. This is one of those typos. Last week, Fox & Friends had on Elie Wiesel to talk about human rights injustices. However, eagle-eyed viewer Young Manhattanite was rewatching the clip online and noticed that they accidentally combined “Holocaust Survivor” and “Nobel Prize Winner” in the chyron so as to identify Weisel as a “Holocaust Winner.” Again, wow.

There’s really nothing else you can say about this. It was a mistake and they fixed it quickly. But, seriously, you could not have picked a worse moment to screw up.

Watch the video of the segment below. The typo occurs around the 0:50 mark.

(h/t Outside the Beltway via Reddit)

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