‘Wrong!’ Trump Hits Back at DeSantis Disney Attack on Fox & Friends in Near Real Time


Memorial Day isn’t known for fireworks, but GOP Presidential hopefuls Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are providing their own pyrotechnics early Monday morning.

On Monday morning, the Florida governor appeared on Fox & Friends from Jacksonville, Florida. He was asked about several topics, including debt ceiling negotiations and why he believes he should be the Republican nominee over the former president.

He was eventually asked by Todd Piro about his prospects in Iowa, which holds a very important early caucus primary that many political insiders see as crucial to his, and any politicians, hopes to get the eventual nomination. “Governor, can you win Iowa?” he was flatly asked.

DeSantis made a point to hit Trump in his reply, particularly regarding the intra-party wedge issue of Disney:

I mean, you know, they had mentioned there may be some differences with me and Donald Trump. And I think that those differences redound to my benefit in a place like Iowa. I mean, for example, you know, he’s taken the side of Disney in our fight down here in Florida. I’m standing for parents, I’m standing for children. And I think a multibillion dollar company that sexualizes children is not consistent with the values of Florida or the values of a place like Iowa.

“He’s taken the side of Disney,” the governor replied, describing them as “a multibillion-dollar company that sexualizes children,” DeSantis alleged, which did not go over well with Trump, who hit right back in a social media post that read:

Ron DeSanctimonious just stated, without correction on Fox & Friends, that I was “backing” Disney. Wrong! Fox should have read my posted TRUTH on Disney, but that’s not the game they play. Also, in the polls, I am beating Biden by a lot, “Rob” isn’t! Also, WAY UP ON RON. Check out the DeSanctus speech at the Trump Rally I gave to get him elected. Not easy! p.s. I got 1.2 Million more votes in Florida than Ron, a little reported fact!

Trump then re-posted a comment made yesterday in which he blamed DeSantis for Disney’s alleged ” Woke and Disgusting” transformation under the Florida governor’s watch:

Disney has become a Woke and Disgusting shadow of its former self, with people actually hating it. Must go back to what it once was, or the “market” will do irreparable damage. This all happened during the Governorship of “Rob” DeSanctimonious. Instead of complaining now, for publicity reasons only, he should have stopped it long ago. Would have been easy to do – Still is!

A lot is going on here, though little of it makes sense.

It’s not clear how an elected official could keep a private company from doing any business it sees fit within the laws and regulations of the state. It’s also unclear how a small-government, anti-regulation candidate could make such a claim with a straight face. Nor is it clear how Trump, who is a vocal and frequent critic of Fox News, appears to be tracking every minute of programming?

Of course, there is no hard evidence that Disney is a  “multibillion-dollar company that sexualizes children,” either but the GOP base that follows closely these sorts of wedge issues are likely to agree with DeSantis on this than Trump?

Watch above via Fox News.

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