WV Mayor Explains Vote For Prisoner: Wouldn’t Vote Obama ‘If He Was Last Man In The World’

As we previously reported, a federal prisoner named Keith Judd managed to give President Obama a run for his money by winning 41% of the vote and eight counties in Tuesday’s West Virginia Democratic primary. One small-town West Virginian mayor told CNN he voted for a federal prisoner because he would never vote for Obama, even if the president were “the last man in the world.”

CNN political correspondent Jim Acosta visited the small town of Bolivar, W.V. to talk about the state’s bizarre Democratic primary results, and he ran into the town’s mayor:

MAYOR ROBERT HARDY: I know who I didn’t vote for.

ACOSTA: Who’s that?

HARDY: Obama.

ACOSTA: You didn’t vote for Obama?

HARDY: No, sir. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last man in the world.

Hardy seemingly wasn’t alone in that opinion, given that Judd accumulated nearly 70,000 votes despite being in a federal prison in Texas. Interestingly, Hardy didn’t even know Judd was behind bars when he cast a vote:

HARDY: I didn’t even know he was a prisoner.

ACOSTA: But you voted for the prisoner?

HARDY: I didn’t even know him, but I voted against Obama.

Check out the clip below, via CNN:

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