Yes, Rachel Maddow Did Tend Bar At The MSNBC NerdProm Party

One of the main attractions of the annual White House Correspondents Dinner is the extracurricular WHCD party time, whose appeal can be summed up in two words: open bar. On that count, it’s tough to beat the MSNBC afterparty, where, for the past few years, the network’s primetime pillar, Rachel Maddow, has moonlit as Rachel Maddow: International Mixologist of Mystery. This year, Mediaite takes you there to see Rachel show off her mad martini skillz.

Regular viewers of The Rachel Maddow Show already know that the host is an avid amateur bartender by virtue of her recurring Cocktail Moment segments, but unfortunately, you can’t drink her creations through the TV screen. Not that I’ve tried. It was a particular thrill, then, to partake of Rachel’s concocting skills IRL, although I wish I had ordered something more creative than a vodka & tonic.

In this exclusive video, though, she appears to be making a pair of fancy martinis. She tends bar the way I imagine an assassin in a Quentin Tarantino movie would: cool, meticulous, and a little bit quirky. At the end of this clip, you can also catch a glimpse of another particular NerdProm thrill: my first-ever IRL meeting with my longtime pen pal Meghan McCain, who was stunning, as always:

Much more from NerdProm coming soon. Stay tuned.

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